Ten Things NOT To Do On Twitter

Having joined Twitter back in 2007, before most people had even heard of it, I think I’ve had enough experience with it to share my list of the ten things you should NOT do on Twitter. In other words, these are ten things that drive me crazy :

1) Auto DM’s.  I hate them. Sending me an auto dm to tell me you are happy I am following you is very impersonal considering you sent it to every one of your other followers. Instead I’d rather you just start a conversation with me than just send a tweet to thank me and then never tweet with me again.

2) Using hashtags that have nothing to do with your tweet. Hashtags (#) are to used to connect with other people who are tweeting about what you are tweeting about. For instance, when I went to the Type A Parent Conference I used the #TypeACon hashtag to tweet about the conference and connect with others who were there as well. If you are tweeting about say, interior design, and you want more people to see your tweet use “#interiordesign” or something that has to do with your tweet, not “#nature”, “#moms”, etc… just so people will see the tweet.

3) Asking someone to vote for you that you have never tweeted with. I’m happy to vote for you if I know you (or even if we’ve only tweeted once before) but please don’t make that your first ever tweet to me. (Even worse are dm’s from people I have never tweeted with asking me to vote for them.)

4) Not answering tweets directed towards you. I realize everyone can’t answer everything tweeted to them. Sometimes people get really busy or miss a tweet. Or sometimes people have hundreds of thousands of people they follow. I’m not talking about those situations, nor do I get upset if I don’t get a tweet back. But if you have less than 10,000 followers and you don’t respond multiple times? That’s what I’m talking about…

5) No profile picture. If you have an egg as a picture I think you are a spam account. It takes less than a minute to add a picture of yourself but helps me relate to you much more.

6) No bio. This goes along with the profile picture. Tell me something about yourself. Who are you and why should I follow you?

7) Only talking about yourself. Twitter is all about conversations. If you walk up to someone offline (aka “in real life”) and only talk about yourself I’m guessing they will find a way to exit the conversation as quickly as possible.

8) Only posting links. Unless you are a newspaper or news source you shouldn’t be posting only links. Tell me about yourself. Ask questions. Reply to people.

9) Constantly complain. Not saying don’t complain at all as Twitter can be a great tool to get problems solved and connect with businesses (I saved myself $500 in insurance costs and also got a cable situation solved) BUT also make sure you are sharing about great service, great people, and great experiences as well.

10) Not follow me! Ok, so I needed a tenth one for my Top Ten Tuesday post but if you aren’t following me I’d love to connect on Twitter :)