Language Stars’ Free Trial Weeks and a Giveaway

(Disclosure: This is a sponsored post but all thoughts are my own.)

As a teenager I took many years of Spanish class. Most of the learning was taught using flashcards and was memorization of sayings and words. I learned a little but now, years later, I probably only remember about 1% of what I learned. I think this is because, as research has shown, language is picked up easiest when we are young and becomes harder as we grow older.

Language Stars is a play-driven foreign language class for kids between the ages of 1 and 10 years old. They make learning fun instead of using flashcards which I think is great. Utilizing a high-energy, FunImmersion® method of instruction, students learn a foreign language through games, art projects, music and more.

There are 15 locations in the Chicago area and all of the centers are running a great promotion through January 18th. During this time, parents can take their children to one free class — and if they attend, they’ll get a $10 iTunes gift card. Plus, if a new family enrolls during the Free Class Weeks, they’ll get $100 off their tuition.

As if that promotion weren’t awesome enough, I have a great giveaway to share with you all. Enter below to win a free month of Language Stars classes!

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Language Stars Programs {$500 Giveaway}

(Disclosure: This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own.)

When I was in Junior High and High School I took Spanish classes. It was required to take either Spanish or French and so I sat through 6 years of it. I learned some vocabulary words and phrases but found that learning this second language was hard for me.

Looking back, I now know that the reason it was probably so difficult was because once a person hits puberty the brain changes and makes learning another language harder. If I would have learned it when I was younger I would have probably picked it up a lot quicker. I love that Language Stars has classes for young children to learn another language because kid’s brains are like sponges and they are at the right ages to learn a new language.

Language Stars currently has Summer programs going on that provide an opportunity for increased language exposure through a variety of fun outdoor and indoor activities to reinforce the language. I think that’s what I love most about these classes. They make learning another language fun! Children won’t be sitting there going over vocab flashcards the way I learned in school. They also have different options to work for your family’s schedule. They offer 5 day camps, half day options, and one day classes.

Learning doesn’t end after Summer. Language Stars offers programs during the school year like Parent and Tot classes, Kids only classes, and Foreign Language Blasts. The “blasts” are one time immersion classes with a fun theme that will get the kids excited about learning another language.

Language Stars offers a free trial class so you can check out the program before committing to a full class or program. I’m also excited to offer a great giveaway for $500 worth of Language Stars classes {and extremely jealous that I can’t enter myself}! Enter the giveaway by completing the Rafflecopter form below. Good luck!

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Has your child ever taken a 2nd language class? I’d love to hear your experiences in the comment section below.