Ice Cream {Wordless Wednesday}


The Walmart Ice Cream Social -My Experience #theicecreamsocial

I love ice cream but since I started eating healthier I haven’t had any. I was excited to treat myself as I headed out the door to go to The Walmart Ice Cream Social over the weekend. It was storming of course, but I will brave the rain for some ice cream any day!

Once at Walmart I had a hard time finding The Ice Cream Social. There were no signs posted on the doors or inside the store saying there was an event. When I first walked in I noticed a table with food and a Reddi Wip cooler but the employees behind the table told me that they were doing something different. Upon talking to a manager she told me that their store was not participating in the event. When I told her that the website said they were she told me to wait where I was and she would come back. 15 minutes later she still had not returned. I headed to the ice cream section because I thought if there was an event it would be back by the freezers but there was nobody there. It was already half an hour after the event was supposed to have started and nobody knew about the event so I was about ready to head home when I spotted a woman in a “Bright Ideas” apron. I asked her if she was there for The Walmart Ice Cream Social and she said yes. I was so relieved!

(Moral of the story: Call ahead and confirm that your local store is participating and what the hours of the event are!)

The Walmart Ice Cream Social was not busy at all. I was able to chat with the demonstrator. She said the ice cream she was serving had half the fat of other ice creams so that definitely made me happy when I heard that. I thought the Edy’s Slow Churned Ice Cream was really rich tasting and I couldn’t tell by the taste and texture of it that it had less fat which is a good thing! Reddi Wip is what I normally use on my iced coffees and desserts. Nesquick I have used before to make homemade chocolate milk but I have never tried it on ice cream before. I loved the flavor and thought it was comparable to Hershey’s syrup which is what I normally use on my ice cream.

I liked the products that I tasted but I would have liked to see a little more variety. When I hear “ice cream social” I think of people getting together and having a choice of ice cream flavors and toppings. I wouldn’t specifically make a trip to the store for The Walmart Ice Cream Social but in the future I would plan my shopping trip to coincide with the event so I could enjoy ice cream while I shopped.

Do you shop at Walmart for groceries or other items? Find a list of store events here.

The Walmart Ice Cream Social will be back in stores on July 2nd. I think I will just “happen” to have some grocery shopping to do that night! :)

(Disclosure: This project has been compensated as part of a campaign for Nestle. All views/opinions are my own.)

The Walmart Ice Cream Social- Free Ice Cream Today! #theicecreamsocial

Does your family love ice cream as much as mine does?

If so, you will want to take them to Walmart today for FREE ice cream!

Stop by the Bright Ideas Station at your local participating Walmart for a cool treat.  Get low prices everyday on everything, plus a free sample of Edy’s ice cream topped with Reddi-wip and Nesquik while supplies last. (Brands may vary by store)

To find out if your local Walmart is participating you can go to this link:

Find participating Walmarts

Jacob enjoying ice cream on a hot day

(Disclosure: This post has been compensated as part of a campaign for Nestle. All opinions are my own.)

Lean Cuisine and Skinny Cow Review #31days

One of my goals in 2011 is to work towards a healthier lifestyle. Exercising, eating healthier foods, and drinking less soda and more water are all part of my plan. I recently headed to Walmart to look at some frozen dinner options since I normally eat meals alone.

I bought a variety of Lean Cuisine entrees and snacks and a Skinny Cow dessert. I wanted to share my thoughts on them  in case any of you are looking for quick, delicious tasting foods for yourself.

BBQ-Recipe Chicken Pizza

I normally don’t buy the single serving boxed pizzas because I find that they are normally soggy. This flavor sounded so good so I bought it anyways. I loved that the pizza had plenty of cheese, chicken, and sauce. I made mine in the microwave and found the crust to be cooked just right. The flavor was wonderful also. I would definitely try these pizzas again (maybe the Spinach and Mushroom Pizza- Deep Dish?)

Asiago Cheese Tortelloni

“Asiago cheese and caramelized onion stuffed tortelloni with tomatoes,yellow and green zucchini and yellow carrots in a tomato vodka sauce.” Doesn’t that make your mouth water? This was one of the meals that steams fresh in a microwave and then you take it out, shake the bag, and your meal is ready to eat. I loved the flavor of this entree. I also loved that the vegetables were crunchy.

Spring Rolls

There are three kinds of Spring Rolls but I tried the Fajita-Style Chicken ones and the Garlic Chicken ones. They can be cooked in the microwave or oven. Honestly, I like them baked in the oven best but they taste just as good cooked in the microwave (though just not as crunchy). My favorite of the two was the Fajita-Style Chicken ones. They were so good I had to go back to the store  and get more! They are filling and are great for a snack or as a side (I paired mine with a salad). You can also dip them in something or eat them plain. I tried the Fajita ones with both sour cream and ranch dressing.

Cookies 'N Cream Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwiches

These Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwiches were great! I had only tried the Vanilla ones before so I was excited to try the Cookies ‘N Cream flavor. They were delicious! The best part was that they are only 150 calories each!

This is only a small sampling of the meals, snacks, and desserts that Lean Cuisine and Skinny Cow offer. View my Whrrl story to find out more about my shopping trip and my opinions on the products I tried.


I’m wondering, which is your favorite Lean Cuisine product? Let me know which one you think I should try next!

(Disclosure: I was compensated by Collective Bias but all thoughts and opinions on the food are my own.)