Easy Meals With Flatout Flatbread & StarKist Tuna {$50 Target Gift Card Giveaway}

(Disclosure: I received a gift card and products but all thoughts are my own.)

You all know how much I love easy meals and there’s nothimg much easier than a sandwich. Even better is a sandwich I can make with items I got on sale so that’s why I’m really happy to share about a great deal at Super Target. From now through October 14th, when you buy Flatout Flatbread at Super Target, you get a free pouch of StarKist tuna! It’s like hitting the mealtime bullseye—great ingredients, great taste, and great value!

I’ve had Flatout before and love it so much more than bread. Bread gets soggy {ick!} but Flatout doesn’t seem to which is great. Flatout is also low in fat and a good source of fiber. I’ve used it to make Southwestern Chicken Paninis, Crispy Onion Teriyaki Chicken Sandwiches, and a Cucumber Turkey Club.

This is the first time that I have had tuna from a pouch instead of a can. I’d seen it sitting on the shelf at the store but never purchased it. I like how it makes the tuna portable and they are all less than 110 calories, too. The flavor options were great as well- so much flavor in one pouch!

This week we threw dinner together in less than 5 minutes after we got home from soccer practice. Sinisa mixed a pouch of tuna with relish, mayo, and diced onions and then put it on some flatout, sprinkled it with shredded cheese, and dinner was done. Easy peasy! Find more Flatout/StarKist recipes here.


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$50 Walgreens Gift Card Giveaway

Last week I shared about my shopping trip to Walgreens for groceries and the yummy sandwiches I made with Flatout Flatbread (find that post here). This week I get to give away a $50 Walgreens gift card to one lucky reader so they can check out the Flatout products themselves.


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Sandwich Recipes With Flatout

Lunch is a meal I normally skip because I’m working throughout the day so when I was contacted about creating some sandwich recipes I thought this was a great opportunity to find some deliciously easy lunch options. I stopped by Walgreens on my way home from running an errand to get some ingredients to create lunches for the week. I was surprised to see a larger variety of lunch options than I expected because I never had bought anything refrigerated from there other than soda and milk.

I am not a fancy cook but I made some delish lunch options that a wanted to share with you. The first is a warm sandwich that I am going to call the Crispy Onion Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich. The next is a cold sandwich that’s similar to a turkey club sandwich but I used cucumbers instead of tomatoes so let’s just call it a cucumber club sandwich.

Crispy Onion Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich


  • Flatout Flatbread
  • Teriyaki Boneless Bites
  • Shredded Cheddar Cheese
  • Lettuce
  • Blue Cheese Dressing
  • Crispy Onions (I used ones with Garlic Pepper)


1) Make the boneless bites as directed on the box

2) Put the meat on the flatbread and sprinkle cheese on top

3) Microwave just long enough to melt the cheese a little

4) Add lettuce, blue cheese dressing, and crispy onions

5) Enjoy!

Cucumber Turkey Club


  • Flatout Flatbread
  • Turkey Lunchmeat
  • Lettuce
  • Cucumbers
  • Bacon
  • Mayonnaise


This ones super simple! Cook bacon and add all of the ingredients together instead of the flatbread. Yum!

What kind of sandwiches do you like to eat for lunch? Have you ever tried the Flatout Flatbread? Don’t wander far because in the next week or so I’ll be sharing more about Flatout and hosting a Walgreens gift card giveaway!

(Disclosure: I received compensation for this post but all thoughts are my own.)

Southwestern Chicken Paninis

This week we used our George Foreman Grill to make Southwestern Chicken Paninis. They were delicious! Check out my YouTube video for directions and ingredients needed:

(Disclosure: I received a sample of the Flatout FlatBread from the Brands & Bloggers Summit I attended in Chicago. I am a George Foreman #knockoutthefat weight loss challenge participant and am being compensated for my time but all thoughts are my own.)