Tips For Hosting A Simple Last-Minute Football Party

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Football season is a great excuse to get together with friends and family. When it comes to party time I like to pick simple foods and decor that will let me enjoy the company and the football game instead of being stuck in the kitchen for hours. I thought I’d share some of my tips for hosting simple football watch parties that can be put together at the last-minute.

First, and most importantly, let’s chat food because no party is complete without it. I am all about quick snack and meal options and this is especially necessary when trying to put together a last-minute gathering. Plus, easy food choices mean I can spend more time watching the football game and cheering on my favorite teams!

Simple snacks, like popcorn, chips, and pretzels, can easily be placed in bowls nearby where everyone will be watching the game. Another favorite of football fans everywhere- chicken wings- are an easy option when you choose “heat and serve” ones like Tyson® Any’tizers® Buffalo Style Bone-In Chicken Wings and serve them with celery sticks, ranch, and blue cheese dressing. Not only is this a simple option for the host, but finger foods like chicken wings are easy to eat while watching the game (just don’t forget the napkins!) For dessert, I love serving cookies or brownies in the shape of footballs. A little white icing for laces and it’s a quick themed treat!

When it comes to decorations I keep things simple by buying football themed tableware that I pair with my large variety of football themed decor I keep out from August through February. I also love decorating with my team colors (Chicago blue and orange all the way!!) Having football themed party supplies on hand means that you will be ready to entertain guests whenever the opportunity arises.

Another tip I have for hosting a simple football get-together is to have something for the non-fans to do. Personally, I can’t imagine anyone NOT liking football but I know those people exist lol. Adults who aren’t interested in the game will probably just enjoy chatting with each other but setting out some simple games and crafts for the kiddos is always appreciated. The simplest football craft that can be made with materials on hand are stuffed paper bag footballs. Children can draw two large football shapes on paper bags and then staple the edges together, leaving a small opening to stuff the inside of the football with crumpled newspaper before stapling it closed.

What tips do you have for hosting a last-minute football party? I’d love to hear so chat with me on social media- Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Easy Ways To Update Your Bathroom For The Big Game

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The big game is just around the corner and I’m so excited! Though my favorite team didn’t make it very far this year, I am still looking forward to watching the game in a couple weeks. It’s great to spend time with family while cheering the teams on throughout the game.

One fun way to celebrate the big game is to have a football watch party with family and friends. If you are hosting at your house I’m sure you’ve started preparing for it already- from buying the party decorations to cleaning. One area of the home that’s often overlooked when it comes to party planning is the bathroom. You probably clean it but do you do anything else?

This month I chose to do a few simple updates to add a bit of football spirit to our guest bathroom. The first, and most important addition, was making sure that we had enough toilet paper and that it was readily available to guests. The only thing worse than running out of toilet paper while you are a guest in someone’s home is not being able to find another roll after you run out. I like to keep toilet paper readily available so my guests aren’t put in that awkward situation!

I found a great deal on Quilted Northern Ultra Soft & Strong® Mega Rolls and Quilted Northern Ultra Plush® Mega Rolls at my local Target. Not only did I get a $5 Target gift card when I purchased two packs but there is also a Cartwheel offer for 10% off as well. I like the Quilted Northern Mega Rolls because they are 4 regular rolls in one which means they last longer so you can change the roll less often during the big game.

To store the extra toilet paper so it was accessible to my guests, I decorated a basket with ribbon and set it out on the bathroom counter. Your house will be full of people celebrating, and you want to keep your guest space perfect and put together. This basket will help you do that! It was easy to make and I’m including the simple instructions for you to put this DIY decorated basket together in just minutes!


  • Basket big enough to fit at least a couple rolls of toilet paper
  • 1 or 2 ribbons in your choice of colors – you can choose your team’s colors, brown and green for a generic football theme, or even add a cute football ribbon if you have one
  • Glue dots or another adhesive that will hold the ribbon on the basket
  • Scissors to cut the ribbon


Measure your ribbon to ensure it’s the length it needs to be to go around the top of your basket and then cut the ribbon

Put your glue dots or adhesive along the top of your basket, adding one dot/spot of adhesive about every inch

Carefully wrap your ribbon around the top of your basket, making sure that you are putting it on straight.

If you have two ribbons you will want to wrap your second ribbon around the basket under the top ribbon.

See how easy that was?! You can just add your toilet paper into the basket and you are all set. If you are using Quilted Northern Mega Rolls you may find that the spare toilet paper basket isn’t even touched throughout the party because they are fuller rolls which means less roll changes. Nobody wants their guest to experience a bath tissue run out but you can enjoy the game knowing that you are all stocked up on this essential.

A few other ways to decorate the bathroom include adding in a football themed hand towel, some football themed trinkets, and adding football shaped stickers to things like clear candles and the soap dispenser.

How would you update your bathroom for the big game? However you choose to do it, avoid a MEGA party fumble by stocking up on Quilted Northern Mega Rolls at Target (found in the bath tissue aisles) so there’s less roll changes which gives you more time to enjoy the game!

To find more Quilted Northern inspiration, check out the social hub here.

How To Plan An Easy Mother’s Day Brunch

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Mother’s Day is coming up so I wanted to share a few tips for planning an easy Mother’s Day brunch for your mom or another special woman in your life. Hoping to enjoy a homemade brunch yourself this year? You could always send this post to your husband, significant other or older child to give them a little nudge ;)

Tip #1: Let her sleep in (and shower when she wakes up.)

Trust me on this one. Letting mom sleep in and have time to shower, before she has to leave her room, will be the perfect start to her day. There is nothing more relaxing than being able to shower  alone and to actually be able to rinse all the shampoo out of our hair before our children are yelling for mommy or knocking at the door. This also gives you time to cook.

Tip #2: Keep the menu simple. 

Nobody wants to spend hours in the kitchen preparing a meal so keep the menu simple, making sure to add foods mom likes. Pancakes, crepes or waffles are great choices for a late breakfast. You can use cupcake liners to hold fillings or toppings to make clean up a breeze. One other item I’d add to the menu is a casserole that can be made the night before. About an hour before you are ready to eat you can pop it in the oven which makes things less hectic in the morning. Sinisa makes one with eggs, shredded hashbrowns, breakfast sausage, peppers, mushrooms and cheese that is delicious but you can add in your family’s favorite ingredients.

To drink I’d suggest a sweet, fruity drink like Tampico that’s bright and colorful. For our Mother’s Day themed brunch we chose to try the Citrus Punch flavor. To make your drink even fancier you can add fresh fruit or colorful ice cubes. Personally I also love to add fun straws because I think it makes the drink even more festive.

Tip #3: Personalize the table.

Decorate a table runner with hand prints. Each year have all the kids put a hand print on the table runner to create a special piece that mom loves to see on her table every Mother’s Day!

To make this you need:

  • A table runner (we used a piece of burlap)
  • Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Paper plate
  • Sharpie marker
Directions for creating the table runner:
  • Put paint on a paper plate
  • Use the paintbrush to paint one of your child’s hands
  • Carefully put their hand on the table runner to make a hand print on the table runner
  • Once dry, write the child’s name and year next to the hand print
  • Every year add each child’s hand print to the table runner

Tip #4: Add flowers.

Flowers make a beautiful centerpiece on any table. You can purchase flowers from the store or farmer’s market or have children pick flowers.

Tip #5: Tell mom how much she means to you.

Use this time while you are eating to tell your mom how much she means to you. You could also have children make her a card, write her a letter or create a poem about her. Chances are she knows that you all love her but there is nothing better than hearing those three little words from the mouths of our children. This simple Mother’s Day card from Jacob (below) means the world to me.

Tip #6: Handle the cleanup.

Once brunch is over make sure to do the dishes and clean up the kitchen. The best meals are ones we don’t have to cleanup :)

What tips do you have for creating a special Mother’s Day brunch?

Easter Entertaining Tips From an Expert‏

The following tips are from lifestyle expert, Rachel Hollis.

  • Personalize your party – for a simple and chic Easter seating card simply write your guest’s names on plain white eggs and place on their folded napkin.
  • Put Spring on display – wheat grass is available at most grocery stores and fairly inexpensive. Just add some fresh floral or dyed eggs for easy décor!
  • Take the credit for gourmet treats – Gourmet cookies and brownies are a crowd pleaser, but get crafty and take the credit yourself (and deserve it!). Add toasted coconuts to your favorite treats to create a “nest”. Put jellybeans or egg shaped candies on top to complete the Easter feel.
  • Surprise your guests with flowers – edible flowers are easy to find in the produce department of your grocery store. Use them to add a little “springtime” to your desserts, cocktails or even salad!
  • ‘Eggs’ mark the spot – create a little map of your yard or house where you can easily mark how many eggs the, er, “Easter Bunny” left in each area. That way the kids don’t miss out on any of them.
  • A new twist on an old favorite – consider serving your Easter recipes in a unique way… an Easter ham becomes pork tenderloin, use quail eggs instead of chicken eggs, or maybe you turn Grandma’s favorite pudding into a pie. Guests always love to be surprised with something new!
  • The more, the merrier – rather than going with just one Easter dessert, consider creating a dessert buffet with candies, cakes and your favorite sweets. Don’t have the time to bake it all – order a premium assortment at

What are your favorite tips for entertaining? I’d love to hear them :)

(Disclosure: This is not a compensated post. All tips are courtesy of the lifestyle expert listed above who is affiliated with Cheryl’s cookies.)