Quick & Cheap Easter Craft

I found this craft kit in the Easter section at Walmart last night for less than $2. Jacob really enjoyed putting it together this morning. It came with the plain white Cross with black lines making it into a puzzle of sorts. You then had to find the matching pieces that fit in each space and stick the foam pieces to the Cross.

If you aren’t planning on trekking to Walmart today {and I don’t blame you since it will probably be a madhouse} you can recreate this at home. Just cut a Cross out of a stack of 3-5  colored pieces of paper. Remove one Cross from the pile and ut the rest of the stack of Crosses into pieces. Each time you cut the stack of crosses take one colored piece and place it in the corresponding spot on the uncut Cross so you can trace the shapes to make it puzzle like. Hand the pieces over to your child and see if they can match the pieces to the layout on the Cross. {If you have younger children I’d recommend taking a picture of the Cross with the pieces on it so they can look at the picture to figure out where the colored pieces go.} Once the pieces are all matched up, your child can then glue them onto the Cross.

Here’s one I made in about 5 minutes. I only used 3 pieces of paper but I’d recommend using a few other pieces to make your Cross more colorful.

Have fun! :)