10 Gift Ideas For Creative Kids

Disclosure: Products were sent for consideration but all thoughts are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

Black Friday is here and everyone is in the shopping mood- including me! I have been online all morning shopping for gifts. I have a lot of great gift ideas I’ll be sharing over the next couple of weeks but today I wanted to share ten gifts that are perfect for the creative boys and girls in your life.

Crayola Air Marker Sprayer: This electric-powered toy turns Crayola markers into spray art, just like a real artist’s airbrush but without the mess of paint.  Kids can create realistic-looking airbrush art for craft projects, school projects, windows and more. Air Marker Sprayer features an electric pump which eliminates manual pumping so kids can solely focus on their artistic creations.  For children ages 8 and up; suggested retail price is $29.99.

Our thoughts: Another great Crayola product. It’s a unique way to use markers and the airbrushing looks cool!

Get it on Amazon here.

IDO3D Vertical: 3D drawing pens have been introduced as the newest way to create remarkable artwork, especially for kids. IDO3D Vertical makes 3D drawing accessible for all families with sets starting at only $9.99. Unlike many other pens in ever-growing market, the IDO3D Vertical technology uses no heat or plastic filament and the pens are designed to use cool ink that reacts instantly to the built in LED light, allowing users to draw up over and in 3D!

Our thoughts: Everything is cooler in 3D! This was the top crafty item on Jacob’s list this year!

Get it on Amazon here.

Fright Factory™: Kids can make scary 3D creations with Fright Factory™! Use the special light curing EwwGoo™ gel to fill creepy molds and then flash them with the eerie light from the Fright Factory Creature Creator. Kids can create insects, reptiles, rats, bats and more! Fright Factory™ uses ultra-safe LED light to develop the creations. Gels are quick curing, non-toxic and kid friendly. MSRP: $24.99 Age: 6+

Our thoughts: My boys are excited to create their own bugs :)

Get it on Amazon here.

Pom Pom Wow!: Pom Pom your world! Create custom pom-poms with the Decoration Station. Choose from the six different techniques to decorate your very own pom poms. The set folds up for easy mess-free transportation. The Decoration Station comes with 1 portable play set, 75 pom poms in 4 colors, 85 adhesive dots, 8 removable pom pom trays, 1 removable water tray, 1 adhesive roll dispenser, 2 markers, 1 blotting cloth, 1 paintbrush, 1 pipette, 4 stamper pads, 4 watercolors, and 1 glitter gel pen.

Our thoughts: This was a hit with kids at the Chicago Toy & Game Fair! They’re easy to use and you can decorate just about anything with them.

Get it on Amazon here.

Pete the Cat- I Can Draw: Kids will enjoy following the easy step-by-step diagrams to re-create Pete and their favorite stories. This 160-page activity book is packed with everything from the world of Pete the Cat that aspiring artists will want to draw and will be a hit with young fans and budding artists.

Our thoughts: We love step-by-step drawing books, especially when they are fun characters like Pete the Cat!

Get it on Amazon here.

Magic Sketch: Magic Sketch is a fun new way for your kids to draw, play, and learn!  The flexible, LCD screen is transparent, allowing kids to trace with the provided stencils or from their own images! With Magic Sketch your kids can create all kinds of amazing art and, unlike most tablets, the Magic Sketch is super kid proof!  They can drop it, toss it, even step on it — it won’t break!  It’s completely water resistant, so if they have a spill, just wipe it off and keep going!  With the advanced internal electronics, you can clear the screen with just the push of a button! Magic Sketch retails for $29.95.

Our thoughts: Magic Sketch is great because it can be used again and again. It’s perfect for traveling, too!

Get it on Amazon here.

PBS KIDS Do It Myself Cookbook: This cookbook by Laurie Goldrich Wolf features fully-illustrated ingredients, tools, and steps so that children as young as 4 years old can make dishes completely on their own! This exciting cookbook kit includes a 128-page wire-bound cookbook, 45 simple, tasty “nothing sharp, nothing hot” recipes, step-by-step illustrations and a set of measuring cups and spoons.

Our thoughts: This cookbook is perfect for the little aspiring chef in your home.

Get it on Amazon here.

Gemmies™: Gemmies are the next evolution of the popular 3D beading craft. Following a simple process, kids clip Gemmies crystals to elastic rings then join completed rings to create a 3D sparkling creation! Design templates are intuitive and use a repetitive pattern that lets kids develop their cognitive abilities and progress to designing their own creations. Kids can make anything out of Gemmies crystals. starting series include animals, flowers and more! Store all your Gemmies crystals and accessories in the Gemmies Design Studio and display your favorite creation on the light up pedestal. MSRP: $24.99 Age: 6+

Our thoughts: This is such a great open ended crafting activity where kids can really use their creativity to make their own creations. They are all so pretty, too!

Get it on Amazon here.

The Official DC Super Hero Cookbook- Deluxe Edition: This cookbook by Matthew Mead comes complete with 60+ simple, tasty recipes as well as 3 cookie cutters (a bat, a lightning bolt, and a shield), logo stencils and character cut-outs for awesome food styling.  More than sixty tasty, simple recipes are inspired by DC’s beloved characters including Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, the Flash, Aquaman, and many others! From the Up, Up and Away Parfait to Green Arrow Fruit Kebobs to Holy Guacamole and the Martian Manhunter Malted, the colorfully presented recipes are fun to prepare and to eat. Step-by-step instructions are easy to follow and fans of all ages will enjoy flipping through finish photos featuring classic DC comics art and action figures. An extensive super hero party section offers dozens of drinks, snacks, and desserts as well as cool, clever serving suggestions.

Our thoughts: This is a must for every super hero fan! Imagine how excited they will be to help make “super” fun treats in the kitchen.

Get it on Amazon here.


Crayola Emoji Maker: Drawing inspiration from the growing popularity of emojis, kids can experiment with Crayola colors to make 16 custom color emoji stampers and share their unique emoji messages with friends.  Using the included design labels, kids can also create custom color names for their stampers as well as customize the boxes to their liking (each kit allows for 2 packs) . For children ages 6 and up; suggested retail price is $19.99.

Our thoughts: With the popularity of Emojis this is a great gift idea for older children!

Get it on Amazon here.


Have you found any great gift ideas for creative kids? I’d love to hear about them!

Gift Ideas For Creative Kids From ShopVault.com

(Disclosure: I received a playhouse for my kids but all thoughts are my own.)

Looking for gift ideas? The internet is full of them and I’m here to share my favorite creative gifts from a site I have newly discovered called VAULT. ShopVault.com is a curated marketplace where the most unique and the most sought after brands have been hand picked by influential tastemakers. Members get a first look at hot new inventory and private invitations to exclusive events. It’s free to join and you even get a special discount of $20 off your first purchase of $30 or more!

Here are five gifts I think creative kids would love:

Color Your Own Playhouse Castle


Piggy Couture Picasso Art Kit


Veggie Sidewalk Chalk


Wool Felt Jewelry Kit


Lay ‘n’ Go Lego Carrier