Boost Your Budget {Week 2}

Boost Your Budget Pantry Challenge

Welcome to week 2 of the Boost Your Budget Challenge with Shopper Strategy. {If you missed the intro post you can find the information about this challenge here.} How is everyone doing so far? We are doing okay here. Our goal was to spend less on eating out which we have done but did not cut out that spending as much as I would have liked. Sinisa came home the first night of the challenge with pizza which was really yummy but didn’t help with the fact that I am trying to eat healthier and spend less money on food. At least he got cheap pizza though :) One day we were out really late so we stopped at Wendy’s and got me a chili and the boys hamburgers. We then took it home and completed the rest of our meal from what was in our fridge (apples and milk for the boys and leftovers for Sinisa). That is not something we normally would do so that is an improvement in our habits. Yesterday Sinisa and I had a lunch date at Red Lobster but I had a gift card since I’m doing a review of their new restaurant design so we payed the tip and only $3 of the bill so that was a pretty cheap date.

My goal for this week is to eat out no more than once. I hope to stick to that plan and eat the yummy dinners on my menu plan for the week and eat my breakfasts, lunches, and snacks on the Special K plan so that I can limit the money we are spending on food.


Would you like to join in on this challenge? It’s easy to do! Just leave a comment below or link up your post about how you plan to spend less on food this week! All entries will be entered to win a $25 Coupon Clutch gift certificate and one person will win it!

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Boost Your Budget {Week 1}

Boost Your Budget Pantry Challenge

Welcome to week one of the Boost Your Budget Pantry Challenge with Shopper Strategy and co-hosts Making Time For Mommy, Going Crazy Wanna Go?, Matter of Cents, Frugal Mom of Two, Joan, Mama’s Money Tree, The Frugalista Chick, Coupon Pals, How About Free, Sweeping The USA, Pary Moppins, Coupon Pals, Thrifty Divas,, Mommies Point of View, Full Price? NEVER!, Crunchy Frugalista, Fab Find Foodie, A Savings WOW!, Danielle Leonard, Adventures in Coupons, and Generations of Savings.

The new year has started and I know many people have made a resolution to spend less money {including myself}. With that goal in mind I am excited to be helping host this blog hop because it’s all about saving money on something we have to do-eat!

All you have to do is write a post about how you plan to spend less on food in the month of January and add your post to the linky below. Your goal can be eating out less, not buying any snack foods, or spending less money than you normally do at the grocery store. This challenge will run the entire month and each Monday there will be a new linky so that you can share how you are doing on your goal. Each week one person who links up will be chosen to win a $25 Coupon Clutch gift certificate.

My goal this month is to eat out less. Though I make a menu plan weekly we sometimes eat lunches out or grab something quick for dinner when we are out and about and I really want to do that less this month.

What is your goal? Please link up below to share with everyone and enter to win a gift certificate to Coupon Clutch.