Birthday Party Inspiration {Giveaway}

Though it’s only March I’m already thinking about the boys birthday parties. Both have birthdays in June so we normally do a joint party. Thankfully both of them like similar things since they are only a year apart in age and a joint party works for us still. I don’t see it happening for many … Read more

‘The Avengers’ Superhero Birthday Party Ideas

With the success of ‘The Avengers’ movie I think there will be a lot of children wanting superhero birthday parties. Here are some great ideas from Ms. Ricky Eisen, Founder and President of Events and Celebrations by Between the Bread on how to throw a superhero party worthy of ‘The Avengers’. Invitations: Start your party … Read more

Firetruck Themed Birthday Party

My boys’ birthdays are in June. It’s February and I am just now sharing pictures of the great firetruck themed birthday party we had to celebrate Luke’s 2nd and Jake’s 3rd birthdays. What can I say? I’ve been busy. lol. Enjoy these pictures that show the fun of the day :) *** *** *** *** … Read more