My Baby Boy Is Growing Up!

I was at work today and I got a text saying “guess what Jacob learned to do today?”… well turns out he learned to jump out of his bed! I knew it was coming but thought maybe I had at least a few more months of crib “safety”.

After being assured he was ok my thoughts immediately went to figuring out a plan for Jacob’s sleeping arrangement. His dad thought he was too young to be done with his crib but I don’t think he is. We decided to take the rail off of his crib and put up a bed rail so he doesn’t fall out.

As I write this he has been in bed for over two hours and not gotten up. The big test will be what happens when he wakes up in the morning…

Here are some pictures (and yes, next step is to lose the pacifiers at bedtime)


Getting into bed himself

Crib turned into a big boy bed

Sleepy already

Auntie Morgan reads a bedtime book

Daddy and baby brother Lucas were there to say goodnight, too!