How To Make Perfect Sugar Cookies

With baking season in full-swing I wanted to share these 9 tips from Country Woman magazine to help you make the perfect sugar cookie. I’ll be baking with the boys tomorrow so these tips came just in time!

1.    Don’t Be Too Touchy: Use a light touch when handling the dough. Over-handling will result in tough cookies.

2.    Stay Cool: Refrigerate the dough before rolling for easier handling.

3.    Avoid Sticky Situations: Prevent sticking by lightly dusting with flour both the rolling pin and work surface. Be careful—working     too much extra flour into the dough will make the cookies tough.

4.    Start Small: Roll out a portion of the dough at a time; keep remaining dough in the fridge so it stays easy to work with.

5.    Create An Even Playing Field: Roll from the center to the edge, keeping a uniform thickness. Check thickness with a ruler. Uneven dough means cookies will bake unevenly, and thinner cookies may burn before thicker ones are done.

6.    Get a Clean Cut: Dip your cutter in flour or use nonstick cooking spray to keep dough from sticking to the cookie cutter.

7.    Take Out the Tools: Keep cutouts intact before and after baking by transferring them to and from the baking sheet with a large    metal spatula or pancake turner that supports the entire cutout.

8.    Keep it Simple: Limit designs and colors when decorating. Too many colors and shapes can be overwhelming.

9.    Leave Them Out to Dry: Let decorated cookies dry overnight before packaging them for gift giving or freezing.

Molten Cookies {Giveaway}

I love eating dessert. Sometimes at home I get cravings for brownies or chocolate chip cookies. The other day I was looking for something sweet to eat and I remembered that I had some cookie mixes from Krusteaz that I had been sent to try. Krusteazone of the country’s fastest growing baking lines is the perfect partner for baking up something creative and delicious this back to school season. A family-run business for more than 80 years, Krusteaz has a full line of delicious mixes made with premium ingredients and easy-to-bake instructions.

These weren’t just regular cookies….they were cookies with a molten chocolate center. Yum! I enlisted the boys to help me make them. Lucas ran to a drawer and pulled out the Toy Story cupcake wrappers that were left over from their Buzz Lightyear party. They helped me get the eggs and butter out and then helped make them.

They were pretty easy to make. We softened the butter so it was easier for the boys to mix the ingredients. They then enjoyed licking the spoons (don’t worry! I used safe eggs!) as I put the mix into the cupcake wrappers and stuck them in the oven.

These cookies were so delicious! Inside the moist cookie was creamy chocolate. It was like someone had mixed the gooey inside of a chocolate lava cake with a cookie.

Krusteaz makes a variety of other products. I think next I will be trying their Hawaiian Sweet Bread Mix!


One person will win Krusteaz’s line of Molten Cookie Mixes


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Giveaway ends on October 2, 2013 at 11:59pm Central time. Must be 21 or over and a US resident to enter.

(Disclosure: I received products for review but thoughts are my own.)

Top Ten Tuesday: Valentine’s Day Celebration

Here are ten of my favorite pictures from our day long family celebration of Valentine’s Day :) See more Top Ten posts at OhAmanda.



Jacob built a block tower with mommy and daddy. Here he is being goofy :)



Daddy reading Valentine Day books to Jacob while Jake snacks on candy hearts



Jacob and Lucas opening their Valentine's Day surprises



Luke tries on his froggie sunglasses



Jake tries putting on his sunglasses himself.


Lucas loved the chocolates. He only had one and couldn't figure out how to get the other ones out of the box.



Jacob helped make sugar cookies



Lucas fingerpaints for the first time. We didn't have much red so he used yellow.



Jacob fingerpainted foam hearts (and then the paper)



Lucas then decided to paint his face letting us know he was done painting.


What about you? Did you do anything fun with your family yesterday?