Apple Picking

Have you gone apple picking with your children? Check out some apple recipes!

Fall Brings….

So I know it’s not technically Fall yet but I just sprayed my house with a “falling leaves and spices” air freshener and it’s got me in the mood to talk about Fall. I love fall scents! Ten other things I like about Fall are: 1) Pumpkin Spiced Coffee Drinks 2) Football (Go Bears!) 3) … Read more

Easy Cinnamon Apples Recipe

Ingredients: *2 apples *2 tablespoons of brown sugar *1 teaspoon of cinnamon *2 tablespoons of butter (not required) How to make them: 1) Peel apples (optional- I did because my toddlers don’t eat the skin) 2) Core apples and arrange in a small casserole dish or bowl 3) Mix brown sugar and cinnamon together in … Read more