Advent Day #16

Today we made a baby Jesus wrapped in cloths for our Truth In The Tinsel Ornament. Don’t pay attention to the fact that our baby Jesus has a green face. Haha. The only other color ball ornament I had was red so I figured green was the better choice.

Advent Day #14

Today’s Truth In The Tinsel ornament was making a stable. I liked this craft because it was quick and easy. We talked about how the stable probably smelled like stinky animals and Jacob thought that was hilarious. (Also, in case you missed my CHRISTmas post- there are a lot of ideas for Nativity crafts in there).

Advent Day #13

Today’s Truth In The Tinsel Ornament was Bethlehem. We used paint pens to minimize the mess and Jacob really enjoyed making it colorful. We talked about the town we live in and how Jesus was born in a town called Bethlehem and then watched a YouTube video of “O Little Town Of Bethlehem”.

Advent Day #12 {“I Spy” Craft Tutorial}

For today’s ornament in the Truth In The Tinsel the theme was census and we made an “I Spy” Mary and Joseph craft using M&M’s for Mary and Joseph. We didn’t have a baby food jar so we used a snack size apple container instead. Here’s how we made it:

How to make an "I Spy" Ornament

If you want to make this ornament I would use the baby food jar if you have it because the one I made I can’t really put on a string to hang it. I think this would be a great craft to make at any time of the year though. It would be fun to make an “I Spy” Jar for every theme that we did and hide things that go with the theme.

Advent Day #11

Today’s ornament from Truth In The Tinsel was about Jesus’ name. I liked Amanda’s craft for this but wanted to make it simpler for my three year old so we just used foam stickers for the letters. We talked about why that name was chosen and the letters in Jesus’ name and how His name starts with the same letter that Jacob’s does.

Advent Day #10

You may have noticed that we skipped yesterday’s Advent Ornament…that’s because we didn’t get a chance to do it. We did yesterday’s craft today and will be skipping today’s craft to get back on track. Here is the ornament Jacob made today:

Every day I am amazed at how much Jacob is learning. When I got the glitter paint out he noticed one color we had the other day was missing. He then made sure to use a crayon to put all the facial features on Joseph (including ears) and even made a little mouth with the glitter glue. Now we have a set- Mary and Joseph.

Advent Days #6 and #7

There was no post yesterday for day #6 because the boys enjoyed painting Mary and Elizabeth so much that they painted right through the paper and it was all ripped up.


Ornament for Day #7

Today we talked about Mary’s song. Jacob enjoyed gluing on these sequins to a CD and it was an easy craft for me to set up for him. I think it turned out great!

Advent Day #4

For today’s Truth In The Tinsel craft we made a Gabriel ornament. I thought it was a really cute idea but it was not really a craft Jake could make. I think next year I will have Jacob decorate the wrapping¬† paper with glitter glue before I make it into a fan.

Advent Day #3

Today's Ornament: Zechariah

Today’s ornament from the Truth In The Tinsel: An Advent Experience For Little Hands ebook was Zechariah. I like how Amanda had us use a bubble from a piece of bubble wrap as the mouth and then pop it to represent that Zechariah was unable to speak because he didn’t believe God.

{Real life—> Zechariah is now missing a nose because Jacob ate the piece of dry pasta that had been glued down…}


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Advent Day #1

Today we started our Truth In The Tinsel Advent book (find out about how you can get a copy here that you can view on your computer). The ornament turned out really cute so I wanted to share it:

We talked about how Jesus was the light in the world.

At the end I asked Jacob: “Who did God send to be the light in the world?”

Jacob’s answer:

“The little elf.”

Apparently introducing the little elf before baby Jesus this Christmas season was a mistake.




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