Guilt-Free Parenting Week

I am part of the BabyCenter blog network so I wanted to share about Guilt-Free Parenting Week which starts today! Here is more information from BabyCenter: According to a survey of 5,000 moms on BabyCenter®, the #1 pregnancy and parenting destination worldwide, 94 percent of moms feel guilty about some aspect of their parenting, from … Read more

Guest Post: Easing Separation

The following is a guest post by Jessica of I’m Not Your Everyday Average Mom! I have recently started working out again. I figured after 18 months I can no longer say that I “just had” a baby and am carrying around baby weight. My husband wanted to get back into shape too from his … Read more

Just a Bit of Perspective…

A few hours ago I was fed up. I had declared this day to be “one of my worst mommy days ever” and was literally ready for it to be tomorrow. Ok, so sometimes I can be a little dramatic… I’m sure I have had worse days but this day was seriously horrible. A little … Read more